We are here for a purpose. We are here on earth by Creation. The Creator is God. We of AFA&PK believe there is only one True God who embodies the Power to Create. He only can grant the power to create by his creations. Our BELIEVE is human beings are unique among His creations because we are created in His own image. That, we are  like him means when we believe in him we invoke his creative powers embedded in our nature. That is why human kind has done wonderous things on earth. We only fail to give God the credits he deserves. At AFA&PK Company, we are all about unique creations of shelter and comfort for humanty. If only you will believe, not just in something or anything, but the only one true God. Even with that, only the Holy Spirit can be our helper, less we fall prey to the temptation to make our own gods with our creative abilities. God is Good. He says ‘I am that I am’. He is the only one who swears by Himself! Believe in Him.

If you will believe in Him, you will be right with him when he recalls you home. Are you going home to him or a place you do not know or not sure? Pray to him, he will direct you. He loves you because you have Believed Him, the only One True God.

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