Our Human relations and well-being thrive on Honesty to one another. People cheat and do evil to achieve gains, but they are only temporal, do not satisfy their propensity to want more. However, they end up leaving it behind when the one who called us here recalls us. Human development – as it has been and as advanced as it is today, has not been able to cancel the recalling called ‘death’. Nobody even knows when, how and why. We refuse to accept that the sender requires our reporting back to him. That as we live here on earth the Creator who is God awaits our accountability. That there is nothing we have, including our very lives that we were not given. Our purposeful life therefore is to respect humanity only because the creator watches over His own for accountability. If only we will accept to be HONEST a lot of our problems will not be. We of AFA&PK are for honest business in fulfilment of our believe in the Creator who blesses honesty beyond generations. He will fulfil our dreams and prosper our honest handywork. Honest work pays in the long term.

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